Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education Quiz & Answers

In Honkai: Star Rail, you can assist a budding scientist from Belobog with his quest for academic fame by correctly responding to the Ministry of Education’s tests.

One time each day, the Ministry of Education quiz in Honkai: Star Rail will ask you a series of challenging questions.

It’s a good idea to attempt this quiz when you have the chance because completing Daily Missions is a great way to obtain Stellar Jade in Honkai: Star Rail.

The correct Ministry of Education quiz answers that we have found thus far are listed below to aid you in moving forward with the quest as quickly as possible.

Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education quiz explained

Throughout the “On the Doorsteps of Science” Daily Mission in Honkai: Star Rail, there is a task that is ongoing: the Ministry of Education quiz.

You should complete Daily Missions as frequently as you can in order to earn Daily Training Activity points, which can be used to purchase Stellar Jade and other goodies.

Although answering every question accurately is the quiz’s ideal objective, it’s okay if you make a mistake. Either you return to Regin and he will give you the right answers, or you will have another opportunity to take the test later on.

Remember that the quiz’s later sections won’t ask questions in numerical order. As a result, you might receive Part 6 of the Ministry of Education Quiz before Part 5. To find the answer on our list of possible answers below, look at the title of your quiz, which is located above the question. Alternately, you can use Ctrl+F to find specific words in the question.

After completing one section of the mission, the next section won’t unlock for another day.

However, after you’ve responded to the third quiz question, your Daily Mission will switch to a new storyline, which you must finish in order to access ‘On the Doorsteps of Science’ and the quiz again. It might take some time to cycle back to Regin and the quiz because the Daily Mission you receive is a random event.

More accurate quiz answers will be added to this page as we find them.

Answer to “On the Doorsteps of Science” in Honkai Star Rail The very first query posed during this Daily Mission technically isn’t a Ministry of Education query, but since it’s a component of the same quest, we’ve included its response below.

The response to the first question in Honkai’s “On the Doorsteps of Science” is as follows: Star Rail:

Question – Which is more prevalent, prime numbers or natural numbers?

Answer – The Same.

Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education Part 1 answer

Question – How many cars had their wheels stolen?

Answer – Fourteen.

Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education Part-02

Question – What is the sum of First Snow, Summershade Bamboo, Ball Peony, and Sunflower added together?

Answer – 162.

You will proceed directly to quiz 3 if you provide the correct response.

Question  -Who was the thief who stole the Limesteins’ wheels? Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education Part 3 Answer.

Answer – Eric.

This portion of the Daily Mission will end if you respond correctly to the third quiz, and the following day you will receive a new, randomly generated Daily Mission. It might be the next installment of “On the Doorsteps of Science,” but the new Daily Mission story will probably be the focus. Continue completing these tasks to increase the likelihood that the quiz will cycle back.

Question  – Howard, Philip, and Joyce: Who is the liar in Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education Part 4?

Answer – Philip.

Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education Part-05

Question – What is 8848 equal to?

Answer – Six.

Answer to Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education Part 6 – In this game,

Question -only one person will be able to determine what color the flower on their head is. Who is that individual?

Answer : Julian.

Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education 07

Question – Which door should Sampo – Tall, Blue, and Handsome – open?

Answer – Open the gold gate.

Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education 08

Question – When will the reservoir’s half be taken over by these algae?

Answer – Day twenty-nine.

When we find new Ministry of Education quiz questions, we’ll update this page.

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